As a parent I’m always on that relentless, and most of the time elusive, hunt for snacks and foods that provide nutrition and health benefits. Although these days there are plenty of options, many are not user-friendly, meaning my “Choosey” daughter just won’t eat them. In the last few months of 2014 my then 3 year old had started noticing vending machines and the magic within. All the wonderfully typical snacks that parents really don’t want to feed their children… In our first bout with the aforementioned machine, and much debate, to my amazement she chose a trail mix (Proud dad moment). I subconsciously knew for a fact that this would be a one-time victory because the moment she would taste that bland mix of under-salted peanuts, flavorless raisins, M&M knockoffs, and almonds she would regret the $.75 decision and be battling me for another chance to pick a snack. I was so wrong. She loved it and we soon had a slightly costly vending machine tradition wherever fun activities and snack machines collide – which is everywhere.

Recalling my days as the head of research and development for a large snack manufacturer in Arizona, I decided to put my experience to use and create a few mixes of our own. It started out as a fun way to play in the kitchen and get my daughter involved in food. I figured we could start with some of the basics like the trail mix she had grown to love so much, but with premium, well-seasoned ingredients that we could enjoy eating together. We had a blast experimenting with our mixes and varying the ingredients and this is where the real fun began.

Over the past year I had been hoping for inspiration in business.  Out of nowhere it hit me… The “Aha!” moment… I had been making inventive nut mixes with my daughter for weeks that combined my love for food, passion for creativity, desire for healthy snacks, and even career experience. Our company was born.

It was a clear choice to name the new venture after my inspiration - my daughter Taytum Joy, whose first name mimics her middle name meaning “Bringer of Joy”. The Joy Nut Company would mirror the same philosophy that came from our kitchen in the beginning – create inspired snacks that bring joy.